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DRC Crisis Management Services

Crisis Management Services

  • Hostage Crisis response
  • Tiger Kidnap resilience
  • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion preparation
  • Product Contamination or threat thereof
  • Corporate Security Deprivation of service

Developing the critical skills of your crisis management team; to prepare them to save lives and to preserve your people, products, profit and brand whilst still maintaining business continuity

A highly cost-effective service, valuable even if you already have key executive kidnap insurance in the event of a crisis

Conferences, workshops, tabletop exercises, role-plays and complete exercise scenarios

First Responder Training for managers who may become immersed in dealing with a kidnap, extortion and ransom

Peer reviews of policies and procedures in order to test compliance with health & safety; provision of strategic risk assessments of core business as well as any outsourced services; and industry 'best practice'  Download your free Efficacy Check List here.

EPIC - Ex Police in Industry and Commerce IAATI-UK The SIA

DRC Phone  +44 (0) 845 519 7225  EMail   enquiries@useyourintelligence.com

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