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DRC - Corporate Intelligence Management

DRC Intelligence Management

  • Identifying strategic threats to your organisation
  • Identifying the methods, scams and trends used by criminals to target your staff and your assets
  • Identifying cost-effective, proactive responses and the intervention opportunities to improve your resilience
  • Identifying loopholes to target harden
  • Providing reduction/disruption options that will protect your people and your bottom line
  • Ensuring that everyone in your organisation is alert, aware, and is contributing to the protection of your staff, product, brand and profits

Private Sector

DRC uses your systems and resources in an innovative, accredited way to a National Intelligence Model standard template

DRC can show you how to improve reporting systems so that naked suspicion can be converted into a textual language used throughout your organisation and all UK and European Police Services

EPIC - Ex Police in Industry and Commerce    IAATI-UK   The SIA  

DRC Phone  +44 (0) 845 519 7225  EMail   enquiries@useyourintelligence.com    

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